ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜʀsᴇʟғ

The age 20 gave me many lessons and still giving.

I’m starting to afraid of people.

We can never see their inner mind, their thoughts, and their true color if they don’t show theirs.

Also I’m starting to afraid of my self thoughts, thinking alone will never be a good way. Sometimes, you may please yourself without positive thoughts but just temporary.As for me, negative thoughts are much more. Yes m,it’s right that you need to think before you do something. But never let worry come along with your thoughts. It will destroy all your work.

Plus, don’t depend on those social media too much. It’s not good for your physical as well as mental health.

Try your best to balance yourself between being online and in your real life for a better quality of life!

Lastly,one thing not to be forgotten; Love yourself no matter what!

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We people are living under the same sky.

We live,we met,we knew and we became friends …But we can’t choose our surrounding …We must try ourselves to be in a good relationship with other people . Sometimes we need to be flexible sometimes we have to say sweet words..I don’t mean we need to be friends with fair weather ones

But we should try to be ok with most ones.

We must have kind heart,good attitude ,good habits.

We must be helpful.

We should not have the mind to be always above others.

We should never underestimate others.

We will not like for sure if others act us like this.

Life will Teach Us

I always think why I am not able to do almost all what other girls of my age are doing. I envy the ones of my age helping their parents to earn money or they earn money.

I also want to . Especially these days ,I wanna earn money .This is my burning desire now.

I thought it will be great if I can earn money just to buy what I want!

In the drama I am watching, the girl sings to make her money because her money has to work hard for her and her grandma. Moreover ,she has to do household chores too. I know it’s not just she,everyone is trying hard to make a living.

What I thought is if I were this girl ,I will have to do these no matter I want it or not.

We have to play roles in the LIFE drama which the Director ‘Destiny ‘ ask to do.

We can’t choose our roles.We can just try to act suitably.

Thus, what I wanna say is We Shouldn’t think we can’t do,we will be able to do all we have to when it ‘s that Time.

Life and Chance

Life? You know that little word have so many meanings…so many hidden secrets , ups and downs and miracles and even things we can’t understand .

Chance? What would it be? As for me, just a thing to make a change. We have so many chances . I think so. What makes different is that we can see it or not .

In our LIFE, we can find many CHANCES…..

If we see and seize and grasp them ,I believe we can make difference.. “Chances are everywhere nowadays ” .Just need to find out them!


We all have dreams. We all have the same opportunity to dream. But this dream will come true or not will depend only on us. It’s our own choice that we will realize it or not.

We ,humans under the same sky, have to struggle out daily to make money. Some may be trying to make their dreams come true. Some may be just trying to make their living.This will depend on situations. There may be some people who wanna follow their dreams but they have to do what they really have to because the situations didn’t favor them. For some people,they have chances to dream,to realize those dreams but they are just doing something useless. It’s unfair for some people!

Whatever,we can’t choose our parents.We can’t choose our environment. What we can do is just to try our utmost under the situation we are. We must dream. We must make them come true. We must try as much as we can. What we own is just hope and attempt!!!

Appearances don’t define what we are

The word ‘difference ‘ appears in this world because the least that we can easily find in the world is ‘similarity’.It is difficult to meet people with same character,same mindset,same vision and even Same Appearance.So,appearances are just what differ us from one another!We can’t really know what kind of person he/she is just by external Appearances.

People of different appearances live in this world. In my opinion ,these apprances are just to recognize a person. We will remember how they look and we will know exactly who he/she is when we meet again. That’s what appearance is. Some people may be good-looking , girls may be pretty ,boys may be handsome ,etc but some may not be. But we can’t decide their skills by how they people look. Whether a person is good-looking or not, there may be so much things he/she can do. Everybody has latent abilities . Those abilities are not related to their look. So ,it’s very important not to judge a person by their external look.