Prayer for Myanmar

God we pray for Myanmarin the midst of military coup ­– in the interruption of Internet,in the seizing of television stationsand the silence of phones,in the curfew in the night,in roads closed and banks closed,in the seizing and taking of leaderselected in good faith,Aung San Suu Kyi, Win Myint,and twenty-two other ministersand deputies ­for anContinue reading “Prayer for Myanmar”

Myanmar Cries

Do we see do we hear the Myanmar cries Do we sit idly by as innocents die 🌑 Listen World See Citizens of Humanity Make noise make it be known we do not accept this insanity Myanmar Cries

COVID-19 and my daily life

Due to the virus , our university is closed until now although we should start going to university since June,2020. But now, we all are at home. According to our country’s situation, online learning isn’t available yet. Also nobody knows when it will open it again…. just sleeping and eating ..just using facebook , sometimesContinue reading “COVID-19 and my daily life”

Why complicated??

These days….I have many complicated thoughts. I usually spend much time on phone whenever I’m alone..sometimes feel sad sometimes feel lonely but I don’t wanna tell those things to anyone . I always think I’m just a strange one and I am afraid that people will understand me or not. Sometimes ,I feel like I’mContinue reading “Why complicated??”

We people are living under the same sky. We live,we met,we knew and we became friends …But we can’t choose our surrounding …We must try ourselves to be in a good relationship with other people . Sometimes we need to be flexible sometimes we have to say sweet words..I don’t mean we need to beContinue reading

Life will Teach Us

I always think why I am not able to do almost all what other girls of my age are doing. I envy the ones of my age helping their parents to earn money or they earn money. I also want to . Especially these days ,I wanna earn money .This is my burning desire now.Continue reading “Life will Teach Us”

Life and Chance

Life? You know that little word have so many meanings…so many hidden secrets , ups and downs and miracles and even things we can’t understand . Chance? What would it be? As for me, just a thing to make a change. We have so many chances . I think so. What makes different is thatContinue reading “Life and Chance”